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Team Management

Get the flexibility you need to empower your team.

Gain insight to performance with email usage, monitor your team’s productivity metrics and manage varying subscriptions easily in one place.

Team Notes & Tasks

Shared Notes

Share ideas and improve internal communication without leaving your inbox.

Access and edit all your notes easily from your favorite notes integration on your Mailbutler Dashboard.

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Shared Tasks

Attach reminders in emails and assign them to anyone on your team.

Sync tasks to your team's favorite project management tool for maximum productivity.

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Team Templates

Write better and faster - together. Optimize on high performing templates, share them with your team and save hours on every step of your team's outreach.

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Team Signatures

Team Signatures

No.1 solution for team signature management: design, sync and monitor your signatures all in one place. Easily keep your team signatures on-brand, compliant and up-to-date.

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Team Contacts


Built-in CRM for your inbox: gain context, measure engagement of your contacts, and share private notes or reminders - all without leaving your inbox.

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Add Mailbutler to the inbox your team already use & love.

Mailbutler seamlessly integrates to your team's email client, so you can focus on getting work done from day 1 with no learning needed.

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Team Analytics

Team Analytics

Empower your team by shring key metrics of team members' productivity, such as open time, reply time, completed tasks... and more.


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