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Mailbutler lets you snooze your emails in Apple Mail and Gmail to temporarily have them out of sight from your inbox, until you are ready to work on them again.

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Say hello to a refreshingly clear inbox.

Deal with an email later by snoozing it until your desired time and date. Prioritize your communication and reply to emails the way that fits your workflow. Mailbutler Snooze is a must-have tool to excel in your productivity goals and reach inbox zero everyday.

Looking for that Snooze button in Apple Mail? We've got you.

Never miss an important email again
Reply to more urgent emails and snooze the rest to stay on top of your communication.
Inbox Zero finally a dream come true
Declutter Apple Mail today. Inbox Zero no longer just a buzzword!
Prioritize your communication
Short emails in the morning, longer replies in the afternoon? Handle emails the way that fits your productivity schedule with Snooze.


How do I get started with Mailbutler's Snooze?

Mailbutler is an extension available for Apple Mail and Gmail. To get started, sign up for a free account, and you will automatically begin your trial. Check out this quick start guide on how to set up Mailbutler, or contact us if you have any questions.

How does Mailbutler’s Snooze work on Apple Mail?

Mailbutler lets you snooze your emails by temporarily hiding them - you can set a desired time range for snoozed emails to reappear on top of your inbox. To snooze one or multiple emails on Apple Mail, simply select one (or more) emails and click ‘Snooze’ - it’s that simple!

Will the sender know if I have snoozed their emails?

Never - Mailbutler makes sure you take full control of your inbox that fits your own working style. Snooze those unimportant emails and focus on what matters.

Where can I see all the emails I've snoozed on Apple Mail?

You can access all your snoozed emails from the 'Snoozed' folder in your Apple Mail; alternatively you have access to an overivew of all your Snoozed messages on your Mailbutler Dashboard from any device.

Mailbutler can do so much more - all within the inbox you and your team know and love.
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