Set Follow-up Reminders for Emails

Need help to keep track of ongoing and important emails? Mailbutler lets you set follow-up reminders and notify you when it's time to get back to your recipient.

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Stop missing opportunities from lost and forgotten emails.

Follow-up Reminders by Mailbutler automatically lets you know when you need to check an email again at a due date and time. With Mailbutler's service integrations, you can easily sync your inbox reminders Sync your inbox reminders with popular tools like Todoist, Wunderlist and Asana.

Mailbutler Email Follow-up Reminders for Apple Mail and Gmail

Mailbutler helps you stay on top of your email game.

Close more deals & get back to customers on time
Easy to use follow-up reminders for your next sales campaign. Never let any conversation go to waste.
Always stay informed on important dates, stress-free
Need to take note of deadlines to meet, bills to pay? Reminders will take care of that.
Sync with your favorite productivity tools
Save and sync your Follow-Up reminders easily with Todoist, Wunderlist and Asana.


How do I get started with Mailbutler's Follow-up Reminders?

Mailbutler is an extension available for Apple Mail and Gmail. To get started, sign up for a free account, and you will automatically begin your trial. Check out this quick start guide on how to set up Mailbutler, or contact us if you have any questions.

What are follow-up reminders and how do they help me?

You can set reminders for your emails to follow up in future date and time. Follow-up reminders help you easily act upon your responses and emails with no responses. For example, set a follow-up reminder if your prospect does not reply your email in 3 days.

How does Mailbutler’s Follow-up reminders work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

Mailbutler lets you attach follow-up reminders to each of your email on Apple Mail and Gmail. After you opened a message, simply click ‘Add Follow-up reminder’ and set a due date. Mailbutler will automatically remind you when you need to check the email again. Follow-up reminders are automatically saved and synced across devices with Mailbutler installed - or you can access and edit them on Mailbutler’s web dashboard.

Can I sync my Follow-up reminders with other productivity tools?

Mailbutler supports syncing your follow-up reminders with great apps like Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, Todoist. If you’re using another productivity tool and would like to add that to the list, let us know!

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